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Fall outdoor sports attention to what matters6
Date: 2012-10-18  Hits: 4505

Scorching summer passed, autumn is the season for outdoor sports. When you to the back of the equipment, with a camera, a group of friends, some in the front door, go enjoy the fall beauty, physical training, please do not forget to do the following protection work:


Autumn morning low temperatures, remember that with a long-sleeved jacket to outdoor activities, should be based on the outdoor temperature changes change clothes. The exercise should not look off too much, should be the body heat before take off too many clothes. Avoid wearing sweaty clothes after a workout in the cold to stay to prevent the body cold.

Anti strain

The muscles and ligaments in the case of low temperatures caused by reflex vasoconstriction, viscosity increases, the degree of stretching decreased the amplitude of joint activities, command a reduced ability of the nervous system to the muscles before exercise, if not fully prepare activities will cause the joint ligament strain, muscle strain. The timing and content of the preparatory activities can vary from person to person, generally is appropriate to do body heat.

Anti-excessive exercise

Autumn is the the exercise good season, but this time because of the human sex fluids yang is in the convergence within dependents stage, so the movement should also be in keeping with this principle, the exercise should not be too large to prevent excessive sweating yang depletion motion should choose the gentle activity project. Infirm, take a time to avoid the low temperatures in the morning and evening, climb speed to be slow to adapt to the temperature of the air, down the mountain can change clothes. Such as hypertension, coronary heart disease patients with more capabilities, and to prevent the resulting eventuality.

Equipped with the appropriate sports equipment

The right sports equipment not only on our labor-saving, but also to avoid a lot of accidents. Selection of sports equipment must vary from person to person, from place to place, the purpose to assess the good destination of the situation and changes in the weather. Especially long distances, difficult movement must be fully prepared to strive to do be prepared.


The autumn weather is dry and the temperature is lower, qi Wang and partial season of the partial failure of the liver, could easily cause dry throat, tongue less Tianjin, chapped lips, nose bleeds, constipation embolism. Yin, lungs, rehydration fluid food such as pears, sesame seeds, honey, white fungus and other activists who should eat more, exercise.

After exercise should also drink plenty of water, eat soft foods such as sugar cane, pears, apples, milk, sesame, fresh vegetables, in order to maintain normal secretion of the upper respiratory tract mucosa to prevent sore throat. Exercise excessive sweating, plus a small amount of salt in boiling water, in order to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body to prevent muscle cramps, supplementary criteria for a small amount, many times, slow drink. In addition, long-distance running exercise, but also drinking the right amount of sugar water to prevent low blood sugar, dizziness, sweating, limb weakness and other adverse physiological reaction.

Note to stretch and relax

Outdoor sports have a long time, exercise, prolonged after exercise, muscle fatigue, become stiff and there is no flexibility, difficult to recover within a short time, stretching and relaxation can be a good solution to this problem, You can also relax the muscles and the physical and mental purposes through the hot water bath, and mental relaxation

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